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I'm based in the sunny city of Napier, beside the Pacific Ocean in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. My work usually features the local landscapes and ocean, sunshine, places and so on. I love being outside, with a bicycle and camera, curiously exploring and finding beautiful things to capture.

I'm especially interested in time, presence, consciousness, stillness and the mysteries of the universe, I hope this comes through in my images and gives viewers a sense of calm and wonderment.

My work is becoming increasingly popular with many licenses bought by businesses large and small, people wanting beautiful prints for their homes and gifts for friends and I've donated licenses for use by charities.

With simple, open and affordable licensing I hope you find the options available to be agreeable and easy to understand. If you have any questions please ask. I'm always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access updated edits of any licensed images?

Yes! If you license an image the latest edits can be downloaded at no additional cost. Either use the link in the order confirmation email (for guest users) or login to your account and view your orders. Enjoy!

How big can I print an image?

This is a big question and depends on a lot of things! Most of the images here are between 20-30 megapixels which look great printed up to A1 size on canvas, and A2 size as fine art prints. The super high resolution panoramas are suitable for huge wall art and billboards etc. The key thing is how close the viewer will be to the print before pixels are visible. A smaller resolution image printed super large can look fine from several metres away but "blocky" up close. It also depends on the print methods and medium used. As always please ask if you're unsure.

I love an image but would like it edited in a different style - can you change it?

Yes sure please ask!

Can you please create an image of something / someplace?

Maybe! I'm always open to suggestions!

Do you have any other images of something / someplace?

Sometimes, please ask!

Do you do commission type work like portraits, people, things?

Sometimes, please ask.

Do you do weddings, events or special occasions?

Sorry no, it's not my thing.

I'd like some images for our charity, can you help?

Yes probably, please ask.

Do you teach people basic photography skills?

Sometimes, please ask!

Do you teach people Lightroom editing skills?

Sometimes, please ask!

Have a question? Please ask!