Sunscope Sunrise Mono

A monochrome version of a sunrise aligned through the wonderful Sunscope

Cloud II

A rain cloud passing over the ocean

Night Wave

Ocean wave foam on a gravel beach


New Zealand flax - an important native plant with long, stiff, upright leaves and orange flowers

Blue Steel

Looking down on a digger bucket and a sheet of steel at a road work site

Night Wave II

Ocean wave foam on a gravel beach

It's Not A Matter Of You Versus Me

Sunset and cloud reflections over Pandora Estuary

Blue Horizon

Cool blue ocean on a clear blue day

Space Invaders

A large stack of shipping containers, with a pattern that reminds of the classic arcade video game

Pine Forest

A production forest bathed in late afternoon sunlight

Could Be, All Ours

A panned intentional camera movement shot while viewing out to the ocean on a rainy day

Big Pipes

Exploring curves and composition in large concrete storm water pipes

Autumn Leaves II

Beautiful rich colours of autumn

Sea Spirits II

Surf at Napier, New Zealand

Sea Spirits III

Surf at Napier, New Zealand

Sea Foam III

Ocean wave rushing in creating a beautiful foam

Sea Foam II

Ocean wave rushing in between rocks creating a beautiful foam

The Gold of the Kowhai

Standing four metres high, the Kowhai sculpture was created by renowned New Zealand artist Paul Dibble. It stands on the corner of Tennyson Street and Herschell Street, opposite MTG Hawke’s Bay