Napier Viewing Platform

Napier's fabulous Viewing Platform on a big surf morning

Completed in December 2015 the viewing platform connects to the foreshore walkway system and provides the public elevated access to the water’s edge and views of Hawke Bay and back to the city

Mount Erin Flows

A cape of shadows over Mt Erin and foothills in hazy golden afternoon sunlight

Sunscope Sunrise

Sunrise aligned through the wonderful Sunscope

This sculpture created by Vesica Aotearoa can be found on Napier's waterfront near the Veronica Sun Bay

Up In Flames

Blazing dawn clouds over the Pacific Ocean to Cape Kidnappers

Trunk & Fern

A fern bathed in afternoon light in Ball’s Clearing Reserve, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Princess Limited

The famous and loved Pania Of The Reef gazing to the ocean

This image of the popular bronze statue in Napier is created from an unusual angle adding mystery and attitude to Pania's legend. Shot during a cyclone, the sea spray softened late afternoon sunlight to highlight her beautiful details

The Ecliptic

The circle of the Millennial Arch designed by artist David Trubridge

This contemporary sculpture is inspired by the ecliptic - an astronomical term referring to the great circle on the celestial sphere representing the apparent annual path of the sun relative to the stars. The full sculpture can be viewed on Marine Parade, Napier

Sunset Wildflowers

Last sunlight across the harbour

Napier has an abundance of colourful wild-flowers along its coastlines, they really help to make the often stony beaches look really beautiful

Inangahua River

A gorgeous waterfall seen near Tobins Bridge while travelling to Reefton via Spring's Junction and Lewis Pass in the South Island of New Zealand


Sunset cloud reflections at Ahuriri Estuary

Please note there’s noticeable colour noise in the lower left of this image which may be unsuitable for large prints

Kaikoura Range

The Kaikoura Ranges are mountains located in the northeast of the South Island of New Zealand

Huka Falls

The amazing Huka Falls near Taupo, New Zealand

See the mighty Waikato river as it thunders through a narrow gorge. A must visit if you're in the Taupo area

Lake Waikaremoana

Boats coming into Home Bay on Lake Waikaremoana

Photo shot from Black Beech track which connects the motor camp to Aniwaniwa

Makara Wind Farm II B&W New Edit

Brand New Box Of Matches New Edit

Sunset over Ahuriri estuary silhouetting a stand of eucalyptus trees

Where Dinosaurs Roam

A luscious green forest that takes you to a primal time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth

Discovered at Boundary Stream Reserve in Hawke's Bay

Maraetotara Falls Spring III

The beautiful waterfall on the Maraetotara Historic Walk in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Close to the site of a historic power station. A pleasant walk and a huge swimming spot at the base of this waterfall, make Maraetotara Falls a popular place among locals and visitors alike

Ahuriri Marina Sunset

Sunset over Napier's marina at the historic fishing village of Ahuriri

Spirit Of Napier

The Spirit of Napier statue with a beautiful rainbow in the background

Shine Falls

Rising 58 metres, Shine Falls is Hawke's Bay's most spectacular and highest waterfall

There's No Doubt, You're In Deep

Huka Falls

The amazing Huka Falls near Taupo, New Zealand

Shot from the lookout on Loop Rd. A must visit if you're in the Taupo area