Napier Viewing Platform

Napier's fabulous Viewing Platform on a big surf morning

Completed in December 2015 the viewing platform connects to the foreshore walkway system and provides the public elevated access to the water’s edge and views of Hawke Bay and back to the city

Up In Flames

Blazing dawn clouds over the Pacific Ocean to Cape Kidnappers

Sea Monsters

Storm surf at Napier, New Zealand

Port Beach Sunset

Wave on a sandy beach with pretty late afternoon sunlight

Zoom She Said

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from Napier, New Zealand

This effect is created by zooming the lens while the shutter is open

Cloud One

A rain cloud passing over the ocean

Tell The Sun Not To Shine

A driftwood teepee on the beach with a sunrise view towards Napier, New Zealand


Sunset cloud reflections at Ahuriri Estuary

Please note there’s noticeable colour noise in the lower left of this image which may be unsuitable for large prints

Ahuriri Marina Sunset

Sunset over Napier's marina at the historic fishing village of Ahuriri

Sunset Beach

A lovely evening at the beach in Ahuriri, Napier

A Morning To Be Alive

Sunrise colours over the Pacific Ocean

Westshore Wave

A wave crashes over rocks and the spray lit up with late afternoon sunlight

There's No Doubt, You're In Deep

Spinal Ignition Sold New Edit

Sunset reflections over Pandora Estuary, Napier, New Zealand

The Teal Below

Looking down to ocean foam

Ahuriri Fishing Boats & Woolstores

The Sand Dance

We Fell In Love Down At The Pier

A Small Remembrance Of Something More Solid

Fire In The Sky

Almost sunset over the Ahuriri marina, everything soaked in surreal orange light courtesy of the 2019 Australian bushfire smoke