Up In Flames

Blazing dawn clouds over the Pacific Ocean to Cape Kidnappers

Zoom She Said

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from Napier, New Zealand


A golden star rising over the ocean


Rock Lobster or Crayfish can be found around the rocky coasts of New Zealand

Sticks & Stones

A fort of driftwood sticks on Napier's stony beach

Sea Spirits II

Surf at Napier, New Zealand

Sea Spirits III

Surf at Napier, New Zealand

Sea Spirits IV

Surf at Napier, New Zealand

Ahuriri Fishing Boats

Fishing boats, sunny blue skies and calm water in Ahuriri harbour

Ahuriri Fishing Boats III

Sunny blue skies, fishing boats and calm water in Ahuriri harbour

To The Right

The Napier Viewing Platform and Pacific Ocean at Sunrise

Does It Reach Up To Mars?

Dawn clouds over the Pacific ocean moments before sunrise with a glimpse of the moon high above

Just Another Day Really

Sunset over Ahuriri, Napier with the Norfolk Pines along Hardinge Road

Tea For Two

A yacht anchored near Napier port with the sailors enjoying a sunset dinner

Shark Conservation

A small part of the Seawall mural about shark conservation by Hawke's Bay artist Freeman White

Sea Foam III

Ocean wave rushing in creating a beautiful foam

Sea Foam II

Ocean wave rushing in between rocks creating a beautiful foam

Sea Foam

Ocean wave rushing in between rocks

Boiler HQ New Edit

The Hardinge Road wrecked ship boiler where the shags are often perched drying their wings

Ahuriri Marina

Evening light on Napier's Ahuriri marina and buildings with the hill behind

Ahuriri Marina Pano

Evening light on Napier's Ahuriri marina and buildings with the hill behind

Just Another Hawke's Bay Sunset

Beautiful bright colourful sunset across the inner harbour to the distant ranges