Ahuriri Estuary Bridge

The old railway embankment bridge over Ahuriri Estuary at low tide

High As The Moon

Dusk view across Ahuriri Esutary to the pump sheds, with the crescent moon high above

Golden Hour

Sun setting over the estuary on a beautiful warm autumn afternoon

Along The Way New Edit

The limestone trail on the Hawke's Bay Trails water ride

Flame Gods

A bright sunset sky with dark clouds and reflections over Ahuriri Estuary

Estuary Serenity

Calm evening just after sunset at Pandora Estuary, Napier, Hawke's Bay

Happy Wanderer

Evening light and low tide on Pandora Estuary

Some Days

A sunny spot in long golden grass beside the estuary

Back Paddock Sold

Lagoon farm paddocks and estuary from Rorookuri hill on the Whakamaharatanga walkway near Bay View

Zoom Out

Laying in golden grass watching clouds over the estuary

Estuary Reflections

Still water and mirrored clouds over Pandora Estuary

Mention Anything

Sun setting over the hills behind the estuary as the clouds build for an amazing sunset

Estuary Escape

A favourite spot to catch the last sunlight of the day, watch the birds coming and going and slip into a moment of stillness

X Marks The Spot

Sunset at the estuary near Hawke's Bay airport, with the clouds making an X in the sky and water

Chasing Away A Bright Day

Late afternoon golden sunshine across a calm estuary


Sunset cloud reflections at Ahuriri Estuary

Going Solo

Sunset over Ahuriri estuary silhouetting a single eucalyptus tree with its reflection in the water

Spinal Ignition Sold

Sunset reflections over Pandora Estuary, Napier, New Zealand

Something More Solid

The old railway bridge over Pandora Estuary, Napier, New Zealand

Estuary Rail Bridge New Edit

The old railway bridge over Pandora Estuary, Napier, New Zealand

It's Not A Matter Of You Versus Me

Sunset and cloud reflections over Pandora Estuary